Petrol coupons are the form of payment for petrol and diesel at SINOOIL Gas Filling Stations. This is a convenient, effective and well-proven method of cashless payments, which greatly facilitates the procedure of obtaining, recording and writing off the petrol and diesel fuel.

The coupons comply with international standards and have a number protection levels. Each fuel coupon has a unique barcode that allows to make a piece record. Fuel type and specific rate is indicated on the coupons. Specific rate - amount of liters of petrol or diesel fuel which can be obtained at gas filling station in exchange for a fuel coupon. Specific rate of the coupons is equivalent to 10, 20, 40, 50 and 100 liters.  Each coupon is valid within three months from the signing of the relevant expenditure invoice. Expired coupons shall be considered as invalid and will not be accepted for processing at Gas Filling Station. We will offer you the oil for different types of engines, motor oil for gasoline engines and for engines operating on diesel fuel oils for two and four stroke engines oil for gearboxes and transfer cases. Our experts will select the engine oil for your car, based on its technical and operating characteristics as well as years of experience in sales of motor oil.

Benefits of using the coupons:

  • Use of coupons allow you to prevent the cash payments, optimize the accounting records maintenance,  get a guarantee on high quality fuel refueling at a  wide network of  Gas Filling Stations.
  • By purchasing the coupons, you are protected from increasing the prices for petrol for 3 months. Even with increased petrol prices you will get the same amount of petrol you paid for.
  • High-tech manufacturing system provides protection of petrol coupons from forgery.
  • Availability of bar code on fuel coupons allows automatic accounting of coupons and refilling by them. If necessary, the Client may request a report on the movement of coupons of its enterprise.

For servicing at coupons it is necessary to:

  • Conclude the contract  and receive  an invoice for payment;
  • Make payment for the fuel and lubricants based on the invoice;
  • Legal entities must provide power of attorney to receive the coupons; individuals to provide identification card and TRN.

The Client receives tax invoices on coupons for actually selected number of fuel and lubricants on a monthly basis tenth day of the month following the reporting month.

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